£500 Grants to do ‘Awesome’ Things in Your Community

In the latest of our interesting things going on in Glasgow posts, we talk to the newly founded Glasgow Chapter of the Awesome Foundation.

What do knitted coats for homeless people’s dogs, an interactive Indiana Jones experience, and National Cheese Toastie day all have in common? They have all been funded by the global phenomenon of the Awesome Foundation. Founded in 2009 by a group of friends in Boston, Massachusetts, the Awesome Foundation has given over £2million to make awesome things happen in communities across the world.

It is now launching in Glasgow, and people and projects across the city are invited to pitch ideas with the goal of winning £500 to help their idea make the city a more awesome place.

A team of 10 trustees, from all sorts of backgrounds, including the public and private sector, starts ups, business, creative, technology and events, each gives £50 every 2 months and they then use that £500 to give to a project. Applications can come from anyone, as long as they are local to Glasgow. Each trustee votes on the one they think is awesome and the shortlist has to pitch to the trustees in a bid to take home the money.

“One of the best things about The Awesome Foundation is these are gifts with no strings attached. You don’t have to fill out evaluation forms or prove a return on investment, you just have to convince the trustees that you’re going to make it happen, and that its going to benefit the community.” Co-Director Beth Harvey says.

Co-Director Sarah Campbell explains that anyone with an awesome idea should get in touch; “We are hoping to see applications from all areas, charities are welcome to apply to we also want to hear from grassroots projects or people with arts or technology ideas they want to get off the ground.

“Anyone looking to make their application stand out should consider their budget and how much the £500 can realistically go towards making their idea come to life. Everyone at Awesome Glasgow is passionate about making a difference in our community so showing how your idea can bring benefit to many is also a great way to catch the panel’s attention.” 

Find out more about how to make an application at the link below