Charlie Burton, Not Your ‘Average Accountant’

Glasgow Young Professionals are delighted to present the third in a rich line of outstanding speakers for our #GYPSeminarSeries. Russell Wardrop gave us the ‘7 principles of relationship building’; Iain MacRitchie shared a masterclass in ‘building a successful career’; and we are now delighted to present Charlie Burton, ’Not Your Average Accountant.’

Charlie’s career has been one of distinction. He started his accountancy apprenticeship at the tender age of 17 years old and an exciting journey ensued, with Charlie becoming partner and acquiring a firm all before the age of 30. He subsequently went onto build and sell a ‘million dollar practice.’

Today, Charlie is the Managing Partner of Consilium Chartered Accountants – a new firm, not even in existence three years ago, but with 30+ outstanding professionals serving clients throughout Scotland. Charlie’s reputation as not ‘your average accountant’ is built on several ideas that many average professionals miss – the importance of asking the right questions before giving an answer and how being clever is no substitute for being good with people. Charlie will also share how he has built relationships with clients that have lasted a lifetime.

A glorious career that’s still going, Charlie will share some incredibly practical advice that has helped him continue to succeed in his career: gems in client service, sales, leadership, managing teams, building a scalable business. For anybody that wants to truly excel in any of the professional services and are looking for no-nonsense, practical and effective short-cut how to make that happen – this event will inform, educate and inspire you.

A huge thank you to our partners for this event, MacRoberts LLP, who are kindly providing the venue and refreshments on the evening.

We can’t wait to welcome you.