Do we need a digital will?


Tuesday September 25th

What happens to iTunes music collections, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email accounts when someone dies or becomes incapable of using them?

This seminar is part of Social Media Week so you’ll need to sign up via their website. If you have any difficulties please email us.

 Do we need a digital will?

Tuesday September 25th 6-8pm

Part of Social Media Week


MacRoberts LLP present a seminar on issues surrounding social media which may arise as a consequence of a person’s death or incapacity. The topics covered will be of interest to anyone using social media in a personal or professional capacity and who have other types of digital presence such as online bank accounts, iTunes or Kindle accounts.

A recent survey suggests that the average internet user owns 26 online accounts, with 25-34-year-olds having as many as 40. In spite of this people often do not make provisions for what should be done with these accounts when they die or otherwise became incapable of using them.

James Inglis, a partner in MacRoberts’ Private Client Group, will be discussing some of the legal and personal issues affecting families of those who are dealing with a bereavement or who are managing the affairs of a loved one. James will focus in particular on the technological aspects of such problems: how should wills and powers of attorney deal with online accounts? How can you close someone else’s account? What can professional advisers do to help? Do we need a “digital will”?