GYP Turns 5!! Monthly Drinks, March 2015

We are excited to say that Glasgow Young Professionals turns five years old this month!

From humble beginnings, GYP has grown to become one of Glasgow’s largest networking organisations for people in the early stages of their careers.  We’d love for you to join us and celebrate reaching the milestone with a few drinks (and the obligatory bit of birthday cake) at March’s monthly drinks at the Anchor Line.

You can sign up for free below.

Thursday 26th March

from 6pm at

The Anchor Line

12 St Vincent Place, Glasgow


“Set in a Grade A1 listed first class booking office and allowing you the freedom to get creative by designing your own drink, we’re struggling to find a single flaw in the blueprint. The ample Anchor Line memorabilia and gentle buzz of the clientele creates a charming atmosphere, and with a round of seafood, scotch beef, ribs and burgers on call if you’re feeling famished, there’s something for everyone here.”