Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty – Tuesday 17th November

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve secured tickets for Matthew Bourne’s critically acclaimed production of Sleeping Beauty on Tuesday 17th November at the Theatre Royal Glasgow.

We have limited tickets and expect them to sell out quickly.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet up with your fellow professionals and experience this exquisite ballet at the same time.

As with all our theatre trips, we’ll meet for a drink before the performance and will announce details closer to the time.

‘Welcome to the Bourne supremacy. Cheeky, accessible but with a powerful emotional undertow’
Sunday Times

**** ‘In Bourne’s clever Gothic rewrite, he has discovered something beguiling and true’
The Guardian

 **** ‘Bourne’s exuberant reimagining’
The Times

**** ‘Ravishing. Bourne’s got another hit on his hands’
The Scotsman

‘Sumptuous, dramatic, eerie and captivating. Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty is a many splendoured thing’
The Herald

‘Ben Bunce is a masterpiece of sexy, delicious evil. Dominic North is a tender loveable Leo; Hannah Vassallo is a feisty, free spirited Aurora’
The Times

‘Britain’s most successful choreographer will blow your mind with his sheer imagination, wit and brio’
The Times