Amanda Cant

Member of the Month February 2012

Amanda Cant




What’s your background?

I attended the University of Glasgow where I read Law and undertook the LLB (Hons) and then completed my Diploma in Legal Practice at GGSL.

Why did you choose to become a lawyer?

I can only attribute my desire to become a lawyer to Ally McBeal… the reality of the job is not entirely dissimilar although there don’t tend to be too many dancing babies in Glasgow Sheriff Court!

Tell us about your role & your employer…

I’m a Second Year trainee in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team at Lindsays (based in the Glasgow Office). I applied for the job with Lindsays as they described themselves as ‘sometimes pernickety but always professional’ and that resonated with me!

I appear in the Sheriff Court in relation to heritable actions, sequestrations, small claims and now, Ordinary Actions too I work in a close knit team and with a Partner and Associate who are extremely experienced.

By far the best part of the job is the people I work with -they are always willing to help and dedicated to getting the best results for our clients. A close second has to be getting to don a gown at Court (and pretending occasionally that I am in fact at Hogwarts!)

If money & time were no object, what would you do?

This is such a difficult question! Amongst other things I’d set up a children’s charity, live in a Castle in the Highlands and learn several other languages fluently. I might also buy a place next door to Bradley Cooper (for obvious reasons).


For Coffee: Café Rouge – you don’t feel like you’re in Glasgow

Quiet Drink: Vroni’s, a nice wine selection and it’s central but never too busy.

Night Out: Viper – there are just some things you never grow tired of!

Music: anything, I have quite eclectic taste – I will happily scream the lyrics to G ‘n’ R (pre-reformation, obviously!) and then just as enthusiastically sing (and dance) along to Rhianna

Sport: I love to ski – preferably abroad; I enjoy running and horse-riding and I like to do yoga in my spare time. I also don’t mind watching the occasional game of football or rugby!

Why did you join GYP? Any advice for new members or those thinking about coming to their first event?

I joined GYP because it seemed like a good way to meet people at the same stage of the professional ladder and provided a good way to network which is important in all professions.

For new members I’d say come along, don’t be shy and if you are then bring a friend along or e-mail GYP beforehand – they are all really friendly and will introduce you to some of the regulars. I’d also say have a look on LinkedIn and the GYP group because with over 1000 members you’ll more than likely know someone already!

What has been your favourite GYP event & why?

It’s a toss up between the summer BBQ at Loch Lomond and the Christmas Ceilidh. Both events were great fun, as always there were some interesting characters to get acquainted with and the libations were plentiful! The Ceilidh probably just steals it for me though as everyone looked so glamorous on the night.

Are you a member of any other networking groups?

Yes, I am a Director on the Board of Junior Commerce International and a member of Connections.

Can we find you online?


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