Member of the Month: June 2013

Gerda Valiukonyte

A lady who knows her balance sheets from her bachata, Gerda works in finance and loves salsa dancing.  Look out for her at our monthly drinks events and our upcoming GYP Summer Party!


What’s your background?

I am from Vilnius, Lithuania. I came to Glasgow in 2006 when I got accepted to study at the University of Glasgow.  I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Economics and Business Economics. After few temporary contracts in a couple of banking units, in 2012, I ended up at Barclays.


Tell us about your job.

Barclays Children in Need

I work as a Corporate Actions Analyst at Barclays.

I have always wanted to work in the finance industry as I enjoy fast paced environments, working under pressure and dealing with numbers.  I have chosen to work for Barclays because I need to be employed by the best in order to become the best.  It is an internationally recognised bank with over 300 years’ experience of being in business, and it is definitely the best place to start my career.  Barclays prides itself on being a very diverse employer and it constantly gets involved with numerous charities, encouraging its employees to participate in fundraising activities.


If money and time were no object, what would you do?

Vineyards in Germany

To be honest, I would most likely be doing what I am doing now – working in the banking industry.  I have loved mathematics since I was 4 years old and I always wanted to have a job in finance.  Maybe I would work less every week so that I had more time to travel and do other things I really love (see below!).


When you’re not working what do you enjoy doing?

When I am not working, I mostly dance salsa, which I have been doing for over 2 years now.  I go to salsa4water classes – a student run charity society, where all the money collected goes to WaterAid. The instructors are some of the best in Glasgow and the society itself is growing bigger and bigger.  If all goes well, I might start teaching beginners’ level in September myself as I have always wanted to contribute to this charity too.

I also take photography classes and love to eat out. My current favourite place is Piccolo Mondo – try it!


Why did you join GYP? Any advice for new members or those thinking about coming to their first event?

It’s an awesome way to meet new people who are very alike and very different at the same time!  Every time I go to any event, there are always new faces, a great atmosphere and a chance to constantly train your memory (try and remember all those names!).  For new members, I would say to hurry up, come to your first event so that you will not be a new member anymore!


What has been your favourite GYP event and why?

I love the Monthly Drinks but my favourite so far probably would be the HOBBS Networking in Style Evening – that was one classy event! All those fabulous clothes, food and champagne (sparkling wine most probably) – definitely a Sex and the City moment.

Comic Relief charity poker night


Which upcoming GYP event are you most looking forward to and why?

The Summer Party! Cannot wait for this one, I actually adjusted my holiday plans to participate.  Fingers crossed for the good weather!


You can find Gerda on LinkedIn.