Member of the Month: September 2012

Mhairi Docherty

Trainee solicitor at Harper Macleod

What’s your background?

I attended Glasgow University and studied Law, graduating with First Class Honours in 2010. I also completed the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at Glasgow University and was part of the class who completed the new PEAT 1 stage of the Legal Traineeship.

I did intend to go on Erasmus in my third year and study in Paris, but as a result of a strange quirk of fate I ended up studying at Strathclyde University for 6 months. I am not going to lie I was slightly disappointed  – Cathedral Street is not the Champs Elysees, however I made some really good friends, got to sample the famous Student Union and probably met more French exchange students than I would have in Paris.

So what do you do now?

I am currently in the second year of my traineeship with Harper Macleod. I have spent the last year in the Litigation Department and my work has been quite diverse. One minute I can be in the small claims court trying to get a proof discharged and the next I can be assisting in a multi-million pound Court of Session case. There is honestly never a dull day in litigation and I get to turn my hand to many new things.

For my third seat I am going to be seconded to the Scottish Government working and assisting in drafting parliamentary bills and secondary legislation. It will be a completely new experience and I am looking forward to the challenge of working with civil servants and ministers to hopefully create useful and worthwhile legislation. Given the legislative reform package currently proposed by Alex Salmond it looks like I will be kept busy for the next few months.

If money and time were no object, what would you do?

It probably sounds a bit geeky, but if money and time were no object I would really like to go back to university and do a Masters and a PhD in Scottish Legal History or Medieval History. I would love to be able to study a subject just for pleasure without having to worry about whether there would be a job at the end of it or how I would support myself while studying.

Alternatively I would buy a pair of Jimmy Choos in every colour and then go on a permanent holiday to Hawaii.

When you’re not working what do you enjoy doing?

When not working I can usually be found cooking – I have recently discovered a passion for cooking Italian food and there is nothing better than making a really nice meal, while dancing about the kitchen with a glass of wine.

I have also recently joined my firm’s netball team so when I’m not working I am now either going to be in the gym or having a cardiac arrest on the court. The latter seems more likely.


For coffee:

In my opinion there is nowhere better than Biscuit in Skirving Street in Shawlands. It does an amazing latte for those who love strong coffee and has the best breakfast in the city, especially when you are suffering from the after effects of the night before. Nothing can beat its French toast with maple syrup and bacon!

Quiet drink:

Being a Harper Macleod girl I have to say Soba in Mitchell Lane. It is really good if you just want a casual drink with work colleagues on a Friday night and it also does amazing Thai food it you get hungry.

Why did you join GYP? Any advice for new members or those thinking about coming to their first event?

I first heard about GYP while I was still at University. After starting work as a trainee I was interested to see what it would be like so headed along on the last Thursday of the month. When I arrived everyone was so friendly and approachable and I immediately got engrossed in a conversation with a person who owned their own recruitment business and a chemical engineer.

GYP brings together so many different types of people it is amazing who you bump into. I have made some really good friends and made quite a few useful business connections.

I was completely on my own when I went to my first GYP event and everyone I met was really welcoming and friendly. The GYP Team make an effort to mingle and talk to everyone and it never feels forced. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I now try to attend as often as I can – late office hours however can sometimes get in the way.

What has been your favourite GYP event and why?

My favourite GYP event so far has been the summer BBQ at Loch Lomond. I really enjoyed the Highland Games that were organised. There are not many opportunities these days to chuck a welly along the beach or attempt to play life size jenga. The weather, for the most part, was dry, the BBQ was excellent and the company was great – there isn’t a better recipe for a day out.

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