Successful Networking Checklist: Part 1

A Successful Networking Checklist

From Richard Thomson of  TW Associates

Networking is all about building relationships. Successful people increase their chances of being in the right place at the right time by building a web of relationships to catch information.

Part 1 – Before a networking meeting:

  • Ask the hosts for a list of attendees and identify people you know and people you would like to make contact with.
  • Check out attendees on LinkedIn or other social networking sites.
  • Find out the exact location, format of the event and whether food is being provided i.e. should you eat before you go?
  • Think about the questions you could ask to open a conversation (consider using information gained from LinkedIn etc. to open a conversation).
  • Remember the 12X12X12 rule – how do you look from 12 feet away; how do you look (and smell!) from 12 inches away and what will be the first 12 words out of your mouth.
  • Make sure you have plenty business cards and your diary.
  • Set a specific and measurable goal for yourself e.g. ‘arrange a meeting with at least 1 person from your ‘target list’TW Associates