TEDx Glasgow Opportunities

My TEDx Story: Iain Delworth

It started, as all good things do, in a bar. Two years ago in January I had just attended an open evening for potentials volunteers for TEDxGlasgow and ended up having a few drinks after the event. I was chatting with the Project Manager and Curator about what I thought the next steps where. All of a sudden I was recruited as the other Project Manger.

As I’m sure you all know that meant I became chief problem solver. I was responsible for bringing together the comms, speaker applications, production, guest experience and what feels like a million other pieces into one coherent plan and making sure we deliver it alongside the rest of the team.

Why do I do all this as a volunteer? It’s an amazing chance to use my professional skills to make a difference to my community, to work with some phenomenal people and further develop my network. I’m not going to say it’s been plain sailing all the way but it has been an amazing experience.

I’d also say that the best part of being involved in TEDxGlasgow has been being part of something bigger than myself. Our vision is that Scotland will be a more prosperous, sustainable, creative, fairer and healthier nation because of the work we do.

A Platform to Catalyse Change

We do this by offering a platform for voices like Karyn McCluskey to catalyse change. Her talk was one that made a real impact on people last year. She talked about hope, about how we have managed to change the lives of the most excluded in society by treating violence as a public health issue. By looking at it in this light we can start to stop the cycle that destroys so many lives.

I’m passionate about social change but there are lots of other ideas worth doing we have shared. Professor Martin Hendry talked about gravitational waves and how they will help us understand our universe, Phil Smith who talked about how being a top triathlete made him a better CEO and Chris Hampson who talked about how imposing rules can increase creativity and whose talked ended with a stunning performance.

Biggest Event to Date

Fast forward to today and we are looking forward to running our biggest event to date. This year’s TEDxGlasgow will be held at the Theatre Royal with over 1200 guests on June 3rd. Our line up includes some of the biggest names in business, technology, arts and science. To pull all this off we are looking for talented, passionate individuals like you to join our team.


Roles include Relationship Managers, Impact Team Members, and Event Volunteers. For more information about the roles and how to apply check out our Volunteering page.

If volunteering  with us doesn’t float your boat you can always attend as a guest. We will be releasing tickets on the 21st of April, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out more details.